Good morning! We have beautiful weather, so in the end we can free ourselves on claws. If you’re imagining hammering a claw with your hammer, I’m not thinking about it. I am thinking of taking in all the colors of the rainbow. Literally about the explosion of color, which was offered to us by the new Provocater Cascade of Colors collection. As you are interested in how the new Provocater hybrid varnishes look and what color I used for my decorations, it is necessary to read further.

OVERVIEW OF PROVOCATER HYBRID LACQUERS CASCADE OF COLORS PROVOCATER- COLORS What colors are part of the Cascade of Colors collection? Provocater has prepared 12 new shades:

-091 Sapphire
-092 Purple Euphoria
-093 Green Turf
-094 Neon Lemon
-095 Neon Orange
-096 Neon Roses
-097 Blue Lagoon
-098 Ocean Blue
-099 Emerald Green
-100 Biscuit Tan
-101 Rose Gold
-102 Rinsed Pind
And you can see the collection is a real rainbow in which there are many shades of green, blue, pink, violet, but also very bold shades. I am thinking here of the neon colors 094, 095 and 096, which they give to their eyes and are certainly not for everyone. I admit without a beating that such glaring colors are not my story. For this beautifully saturated 097 Blue lagoon, 100 Biscuit Tan, 102 Rinsed Pink and 92 Purple Euphoria conquered my heart. It also seems to me that the color fits perfectly in summer climates, unless in spring and summer you like dark, damped colors. These are definitely saturated!
PROVOCATER FORMULA HYBRID VARNISHES As I mentioned in the post with the Provocater starter kit, the formula of these hybrid varnishes is slightly different from the currently popular hybrids from NeoNail or Semilac. Provocater varnish is much thicker. The same applies to the new Cascade of Colors collection. varnishes are highly pigmented and dense, which makes them very easy to work with. In particular, they will appeal to beginners who do not have such a feeling. These varnishes do not spill so easily on whole nails and skins. Of course, practice still makes perfect, but the formula is the most favorable one. All shades except for the neon ones hide very well after the first layer. The Neon Neon tones, Neon Orange and Neon Roses mentioned above definitely need 2 thin or 3 thin layers. So the quality of this collection is the most-for-like.
As usual, I prepared the decoration for you. What varnishes did I use to make this hybrid manicure?
My main color is 97 Blue Lagoon, which is a beautiful shade of strong saturated blue. On my 3 and 4 fingers I used a white base coat on which I made delicate touches with a brush for decorating. I used here the colors 100 Biscuit Tan, 102 Rinsed Pink and my base shade 97 Blue Lagoon, which beautifully combines the whole.
I am very curious how do you like the Provocater hybrid varnish and which one is your favorite?

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